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Well friends — where do I even begin?  The last several years have been full of incredible adventures both musically and personally.  Some of these adventures have been very difficult, and I have only had enough head space to focus on navigating some of the highs and lows that have come with those adventures.  One of the biggest shifts for me as an artist in this past season is that I took a very intentional and definitive step out of the “music industry” proper.  This was a very difficult thing for me to do.  Twenty-two years pouring into my music, blowing past the classical world and the jazz world to pursue a career in Christian music, found me walking away when it was just starting to seem like I was arriving.  There are so many reasons for this decision, but I am so excited to be where I am now.


SO WHERE AM I?  That is still a question I’m trying to answer for myself.  I am composing a lot.  I am still performing quite a bit, and doors are beginning to open into entirely new creative endeavors that I have never even thought about.  I am taking the route of the “independent artist,” and I quite like it so far.  Independent means more work, less money, and a slower career build, but it also means longevity, loyal fans, lifelong friends, family prioritizing, and authentic art.  I want to be able to run my life the way I feel God has called me to.  I want to be able to take my kids on the road with me, schedule myself home for important family events, and spend time in the places I travel to so I can soak in the culture, history, and art that is present there.  Kelsey and I lived in Paris for 3 months and I toured through France and Austria.  It was so inspiring and enlightening to be surrounded with the art and culture of places such as the Louvre in Paris, or the writing grounds of Beethoven.  I will be back in Europe soon, adding several more countries to that list.  I feel like Europe will become a substantial piece to my annual tour, which I am thrilled about.


Stateside, I have developed some hubs around the country.  San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, and Houston to name a few.  This has allowed me to tour through these places playing house shows, churches, coffee shops, and some performance halls as well.  I am starting to gear up for my fall tour — SO — if you live in one of those hubs, definitely email me if you would like to host a house show or talk about helping promote a larger show.  Also — if you know of places for me to play, help me make the connections, and I will start scheduling!  If you do NOT live in one of those hubs, let’s talk about how to add your city to my list of hubs.  These are places I visit very regularly, and I would love that list to grow!


Now about the music!  As I said earlier, my energy and time has been focused on transitioning out of the industry and focusing on family.  One of the exciting things that has dropped in our life this year is that we are in the adoption process from India.  We are beyond thrilled.  I decided to write a lullaby album to help raise money for the adoption, and I actually just finished up in the studio a couple weeks ago.  I am so excited about this album, which releases on July 11th!  You can enter your email at the top of my homepage to receive a link via email to purchase the album when it releases!  I have also been touring some music that I have written for my next full-length album called, “Love Undefined.”  That album should be recorded late summer and released just before I get ready to kick off my fall tour.  SO — lots of music coming.  I’m super excited about it all.  You can see previews for a couple of the songs from Love Undefined on my homepage.


If you are reading this, I need YOUR help.  I need people to subscribe to my mailing list.  No, I will not send you emails every day to advertise my music.  HOWEVER — I need to have contacts and the cities they live in!  As an independent artist, YOU are a vital piece to my continued music endeavors.  I need to have friends that will host shows, connect me to others who will, help promote shows, bake a cake for a show, or even just attend a show!  I need to have contact information to send out announcements when new music is on the way, or when I will be in the area playing at the local coffee shop.  SO — if you could fill out the form at the bottom of my homepage, that would be SO helpful.  I just want to have you part of this journey with me!  There are so many exciting things in the works.  I will share them all as I can, but for now, let’s keep in touch.  Get ready for my lullaby album to release!

I am so excited about this new season and direction.  Please join me on this journey!

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